Tuesday, 20 May 2008

Gibson calls for action on plastic

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Highland and Islands SNP MSP Rob Gibson has written to supermarkets throughout the North to find out what they are doing to help reduce the amount of plastic bags.

His letter comes after a meeting between Cabinet Secretary on Rural Affairs Richard Lochead and major retailers in Edinburgh last week where a new group was launched to consider how to reduce the number of single use carrier bags and promote bags for life.

Mr Gibson said…

"Last year over 1 billion plastic bags were used in Scotland. Many of these end up in land fills or littering urban and rural areas alike, creating a sorry spectacle and endangering the environment."

"It is important that all retailers, but more importantly supermarkets, work with the Scottish Government to encourage responsible useage. The almost unlimited availability is a fairly common phenomenon and has helped cause a burgeoning litter problem. It is time that supermarkets and other retailers start to take responsibility and try and reduce the amount used."

"Scotland has set a target to become a zero waste economy. I hope that reducing the use of plastic bags can be achieved by a voluntary agreement as opposed to through legislation. I would encourage consumers as well to ask themselves the question, do I need this bag? and to try and reuse wherever possible. Together we can make Scotland a cleaner and greener!"


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